Nosakhari focuses on igniting individuality and self-expression, crafting luxury leather accessories that allow our customers to stand out, birthing admiration over prejudice.
Experience The Art of Making. Easy to make DIY craft kits. Simple, useful designs that fit into everyday life and promote wellbeing, dexterity and self-development.
You Design – We Make It Happen. 360 Design, sampling and manufacturing services of leather goods for start-ups and established businesses alike.
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Imagining a world where the celebration of
difference supersedes competition.


Aleesha Nandhra - Strokes of Brilliance

We sat down with London-based illustrator and printmaker Aleesha Nandhra. Known for her evocative and vibrant artwork, Aleesha’s compelling work has captured the attention of major clients like Google, The LA Times, and The Barbican, and she has been shortlist... Read More


Nosakhari – Back to School Campaign Video (Full Length)

Nosakhari’s Spring/Summer Expression, titled “Back to School,” pays homage to Creative Director Nosa Osadolor’s formative years back in school. Featuring the return of signature Nosakhari staples and the debut of new ones, expertly designed to last the test o... Read More


Daniel Fazio – Frames of Passion

Daniel Fazio has collaborated with some of the world's renowned brands, such as Disney, Canon, Adidas, BMW, Panasonic, MTV, BBC, and Toyota, bringing his creative vision to a wide range of projects as a Director and Director of Photography. A Sicilian by birt... Read More

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Able-graphy* Exhibition - Opening Night

Able-Graphy* | @londonfashionweek – Massive thank you to the team and everyone who helped make Able-Graphy* happen. Curated by Tejumola Butler Adenuga & Daphne Stamouli Simoncioni. Able-Graphy* explores how a single object, the iconic leather handle of the N... Read More


Sophie Sellu - Going Against the Grain

Meet Sophie Sellu, the creative force and founder behind Grain & Knot, a venture embodying her passion for woodworking and craftsmanship. Sophie unfolds her inspiring journey - from a profound love for nature to her early woodworking endeavours, breaking throu... Read More

A Djembe Story