Nosakhari focuses on igniting individuality and self-expression, crafting luxury leather accessories that allow our customers to stand out, birthing admiration over prejudice.
Experience The Art of Making. Easy to make DIY craft kits. Simple, useful designs that fit into everyday life and promote wellbeing, dexterity and self-development.
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Imagining a world where the celebration of
difference supersedes competition.


Sophie Sellu - Going Against the Grain

Meet Sophie Sellu, the creative force and founder behind Grain & Knot, a venture embodying her passion for woodworking and craftsmanship. Sophie unfolds her inspiring journey - from a profound love for nature to her early woodworking endeavours, breaking throu... Read More

A Djembe Story

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Defying all Odds – In Conversation with Ibrahim Songne

The self-taught pizza and focaccia maestro, learned a lot of what he knows as an apprentice in a pastry shop in his early 20s and on You Tube. He cut his teeth experimenting with breadsticks and crackers at home. Today, he entices customers with spontaneous da... Read More

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Journey from Rapper to Contemporary Artist with Kida Kudz

The 27-year-old’s Fine Rubbish art exhibition debuted last month hosted by Nosakhari. The four-day SOAB festival of vibes and art appreciation unfolded in London’s upbeat Shoreditch borough March 25 to 28. Much like the top “Afro Jiggy” songs he’s known for — ... Read More

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In Conversation With Tejumola Butler Adenuga

This year Tejumola joins the Nosakhari London team as its Art Director, uniting his minimal aesthetic and Nosakhari's Creative Director Nosa Osadolor’s sleek urban vision.  Together, this marriage of visions marks a new era for the brand and Adenuga’s foray in... Read More

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In Conversation with Jane Crisp

Nature enthusiast Jane Crisp creates furniture masterpieces from her home studio in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Crisp’s journey to becoming a bespoke furniture designer was fuelled by a passion for the great outdoors and a childhood making rabbit runs for ... Read More

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In Conversation with Carolina Ortega

Heritage means everything to industrial product and textile designer Carolina Ortega. As a proud Colombian, Ortega’s roots are the heart of what inspires the woven PVC textile designs on her furniture products. The designer says the importance of her craft is ... Read More

Art & Culture

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In Conversation with Emma Lacey

For Ceramicist Emma Lacey, making has always been a deep-rooted part of her being, and she’s adopted every opportunity to guide her talent. Lacey is a well-established artist, industrially producing ceramic tableware with handcrafted qualities in small factori... Read More

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In Conversation With Kyla McCallum

As the Founder of London-based design studio Foldability, which crafts origami set designs, interior products and bespoke installations, Kyla McCallum appreciates just how intricate origami can be. She explains “When someone mention’s origami, often people’s f... Read More

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In Conversation with Aimee Betts

Mixed-Media Textile Designer Aimee Betts specialises in embroidery and braiding; producing bespoke interior products and jewellery from her home studio in South East London. Her journey to becoming a self-proclaimed artist is one of growth, change and years of... Read More