Nosakhari focuses on igniting individuality and self-expression, crafting luxury leather accessories that allow our customers to stand out, birthing admiration over prejudice.
Experience The Art of Making. Easy to make DIY craft kits. Simple, useful designs that fit into everyday life and promote wellbeing, dexterity and self-development.
You Design – We Make It Happen. 360 Design, sampling and manufacturing services of leather goods for start-ups and established businesses alike.
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Imagining a world where the celebration of
difference supersedes competition.


Sophie Sellu - Going Against the Grain

Meet Sophie Sellu, the creative force and founder behind Grain & Knot, a venture embodying her passion for woodworking and craftsmanship. Sophie unfolds her inspiring journey - from a profound love for nature to her early woodworking endeavours, breaking throu... Read More

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Ella Ezeike – Inspiring change and unity through Film

A filmmaker who uses poetry to highlight the intricacies of personal relationships and triumph, Nigerian-American creative Ella Ezeike is regarded by insiders as a pioneer in a digital world. “If I wasn’t so delusional, and so sure of my vision, I would have... Read More

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