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NOSAKHARI LOVES Danielle V Green’s David Bowie Cat Enamel Pin

In a 1999 interview with Jeremy Paxman, David Bowie predicted the internet’s impact on the relationship between artist and audience, claiming that the context and state of content available online would completely revitalise art, whether visual or musical. The grey space between the artist and the audience, Bowie claimed, “is what the 21 st Century’s going to be about”. He wasn’t wrong, but it’s possible that not even he could have foreseen just how cute that space might turn out to be.

A strange quirk of millennial culture is that cats have become an internet staple, and talented artists, including emoji-makers (yes, that’s a real job), are continually finding new ways to represent our feline friends and bring smiles and tears to our screens and lives. So what better way could there be to pay tribute to an icon like Bowie, than to somehow involve cats and glitter?

Danielle V Green has racked up over 3k sales on Etsy with her adorable brooches, pins, stickers and art prints of a variety of cutesy animals. Her own beloved Gus and Bruce might be behind the prevalence of feline accessories on Etsy, but sloths, narwhals and pangolins also make appearances in her work.

This gold-edged, sparkling tribute to the late David Bowie sports the classic Ziggy Stardust look with whiskers. Each one is handmade by Danielle, so each one is unique. We can’t imagine a better way to honour such a trailblazer than to do something so completely unexpected with his image.

You can check out Danielle’s work here

Instagram @DanielleVGreen

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