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Intrance | Official Selection @ Nosakhari Film Festival

Spiralling through spaces redefining my identity, culture, memories and future. From Ukraine to the UK and back, from precipice of infinite possibilities comes a self-portrait INTRANCE exploring fear, resistance, bravery and change.

Diana Olifirova 

Diana Olifirova choreographs cameras in collaboration with action, space and rhythm, producing images that offer a sense of intrigue: a riddle, or a fleeting emotion. Olifirova works as a cinematographer in the film and TV industry in the UK, but beyond that, she creates art films – pieces that are a statement of their own time, place and sense of self, moving imagery wrapped into its own metaphors. She collaborates with other practitioners in the fields of music, fashion, dance, theatre, film and poetry.

Credits for Intrance includes:

A film by and starring: Diana Olifirova, Music: E.M.M.A, Eugene Feygelson and Karel van Bellingen, Edit: Karel van Bellingen, Dance: Anatolii Sachivko, Art: Simon Walker, Costume: Jovana Gospavic, Grade: Joseph Bicknell

Kyiv, Ukraine

London, UK 

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