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Nosakhari unveils its Spring/Summer Expression — Back to School during London Fashion Week

PRESS RELEASE – Back to School

Renowned for its innovative designs, unique storytelling, and great craftsmanship, Nosakhari continues to distinguish itself as the new guards of British leather-craft mastery and excellence. Nosakhari’s Spring/Summer collection, titled “Back to School,” pays homage to Creative Director Nosa Osadolor’s formative years back in school. The collection will be launched on the Nosakhari website as a short film on Friday, June 7th.

“Back to School” features the return of signature Nosakhari staples and the debut of new ones, expertly designed to last the test of time. Both a celebration of the present and an ode to the past, this collection embodies the quintessence of versatile luxury by paying homage to the past while simultaneously issuing a metaphorical call to action — “Back to School,” addressing an industry that is changing daily with the closure of industry vanguards and respected brands alike. The collection features Nosakhari’s beloved Able, Djembe, and Standout ranges, now incorporating the exploration of new materials, all made in London at the company’s CreateLab studio with Nosakhari’s signature artisan touch.

“This is a very experimental collection for us; it was purely about telling and not selling. Having the opportunity to tell our story using leather-craft as a medium continues to be a joy for us at Nosakhari, says Nosakhari’s founder and Creative Director, Nosa Osadolor. The collection will be unveiled on Friday, June 7th, via a campaign video on

The collection will be available for purchase online exclusively at, with only limited quantities released. Prices for the collection range from £175 to £1600; linesheets of Nosakhari’s flagship range are available on request. ([email protected])


About Nosakhari:

Nosakhari is a luxury leather goods and accessories company located in the heart of the Hackney Borough of London. A philosophy-driven brand, its diverse in-house team of dedicated artisans and designers focuses on igniting individuality and self-expression, using leather as a unique medium to uplift and support the greater community.


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