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Proud to present the Able Collection at the MAN/WOMAN show in Paris

We are thrilled to announce our attendance at the Man/Woman show in Paris for the SS24 presentation. 

The Show will take place from June 23rd — 25th 2023. During this event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience the exquisite craftsmanship of our new collection, featuring the ABLE bag, and discover other popular pieces from our range.

The much anticipated ABLE weaves a captivating tale of resilience and endurance. Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of 1968 and the extraordinary performance of Tanzanian marathon runner John Stephen Akhwari at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, it is a tribute to a pivotal year marked by seismic shifts in arts, culture, politics, and sports.

In 1968, a turning point in modern history, the world witnessed upheavals, triumphs, and powerful moments that reverberated globally. Amidst these events, Akhwari’s resilience at the Olympics stood out and resonated with millions, setting the stage for the birth of The Able Collection.

The new Able bag intelligently features the ubiquitous leather bag handle, which has been the common denominator amongst history’s most iconic leather goods accessories and continues to serve as a symbolic representation of urban professional lifestyle, now given a new function to serve as a beacon of perseverance. 

We are honoured to bring the story of resilience and the unyielding spirit, encapsulated in the ABLE collection, to a global stage. We’re not just making bags; we’re telling stories and this collection is our testament to the power of perseverance and the timeless allure of exceptional craftsmanship”.— Nosakhari Kingsley Osadolor, Creative Director, Nosakhari London.

The collection will be on full display for wholesale orders during the MAN / WOMAN PARIS show from  23rd June — 25th June 2023. For tickets to the event register via the link:

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