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Able-Graphy* – A symphony of artistic interpretations depicting the Able Crossbody bag

“An object is not so attached to its name that we cannot find another one that would suit it better” – René Magritte

In an extraordinary blend of art and fashion, Nosakhari is proud to introduce the Able-Graphy* group exhibition as part of London fashion week milestone 40 years celebration. 

The Able-Graphy* exhibition begins with the notion that an object’s essence transcends its name, as eloquently stated by René Magritte. It is in this spirit that artists from diverse backgrounds have re-conceived the Nosakhari ABLE bag, a symbol born of resilience and strength, inspired by the tenacity of John Stephen Akhwari in the 1968 Olympics.

Able-Graphy* explores how a single object, the iconic leather handle of the ABLE bag, can become a canvas for myriad stories and emotions. The Able-Graphy* exhibition not only highlights the fusion of art and fashion but also marks Nosakhari’s commitment to storytelling and cultural expression. Each artwork in the exhibition is a testament to the power of creativity in redefining ordinary objects, inviting viewers to explore deeper meanings and personal connections.

“The Able-Graphy* exhibition is more than a display of artistic talent; it’s a narrative journey through the lens of fashion and history,” said Nosakhare Kingsley Osadolor, Creative Director of Nosakhari. “We are thrilled to be part of London Fashion Week, presenting a collection that transcends traditional fashion boundaries and celebrates collective creativity and the human spirit.”

The roster of creatives in the exhibition includes Tejumola Butler Adenuga (Brand Art Director), Kay Gasei, Joke Amusan, Joshua Donkor, Eleni Maragaki, Louise Ockenden, Chris Daniels, Daphne Stamouli Simoncioni, Matthew Dardart and 18 other talented Artists.

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