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Srirat Jongsangunandi – Designing with Resilience and achieving harmony

With every break and fissure, designer Srirat Jongsanguandi learns how to let go rather than succumb to self-doubt. A wearer of many hats, the UK artist with Thai origins, has garnered praise for her work as a skilled architect, interiors designer, oil painter and ceramicist built around these ethos.

“Things just don’t work out… you spend so long doing it and it breaks that easily,” she says as she moulds wet clay with her body weight and bare hands into a unique vessel. “You have these experiences or these things that you’ve done in your life that can backtrack that and justify the ‘no’ meaning you’re better than that.”

An alum of the Manchester School of Architecture, Srirat refuses to categorise her talents into just one. Today she specialises in imbuing context and history into each space and atmosphere she creates, communicating her ideas through a myriad of materials and texture and a deep-rooted passion for math, psychology and art.

In this series of “A Djembe Story” Srirat shares how she continues to propel her unique aesthetic of awe-inspiring spaces that weave in seamlessly with the landscape around them.

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