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No More Wings | Official Selection @ Nosakhari Film Festival

The dilemma of staying true to the community while rising higher in life is a tension often navigated in many neighbourhoods, especially as they rapidly gentrify. But what “No More Wings” accomplishes with compelling grace and thoughtfulness is showing how the boisterous warmth and sometimes demanding pull of community lives within us, casting a long, keenly felt influence – one that feels like both a shadow and embrace, often at the same time.

Abraham Adeyemi

Abraham Adeyemi is a multi-disciplinary writer-director and playwright, from South London. Abraham draws on a primarily – but not limited to – pure narrative film and theatre background to apply the art of storytelling to the realm of digital advertising and technology-driven entertainment. At the heart, using empathy as the guiding light to create a captivating viewer experience. 

Credits for the No More Wings include:

Writer & Director Abraham Adeyemi, Producer Abiola Rufai, Executive Producers Fiona Lamptey, Abraham Adeyemi, Cast Ivainno Jeremiah, Parys Jordan, Joshua Cameron, Tyrus Mckenzie, Sashen Naicker, Debby Haastrup, Charlie Bullman, Jeremy Woolley, Miriam Lawal, D.O.P Olan Collardy, Film Editor Jim Page, Production Designer Juliana Mastubara, Sound Designer Paul Darling, Casting Director Heather Basten, Unit Production Manager Leanna Smith, 1st Assistant Director Steven Eniraiyetan, 2nd Assistant Director Cem Aytacli,  Script Editor Nelson Adeosun, 1st Assistant Camera Rhys Warren, 2nd Assistant Camera Patrycja Cygan, D.I.T Gunel Manafova, Gaffer Jonny Boomer, Spark Luke Grenan Grip Nikolay Gerogeiev, Location Manager Vijayarathnam Vijayakan Production Coordinator Fejiro Marino, Costume Designer Lauren Milller, Hair & Make-up Laura Locke, Sound Recordist Rufus Ambler, Rerecording Mixer David Sendall, Visual Effects Editor Marius Sorli Finnustun, Colourist Jonny Tully, Assistant Editor Aiden Tobin, Production Assistant Dami Fawehinmi, Runner Driver Tomi King, Production Driver Daniel Ogunmefun, Stills Photographer Folaju Oyegbesan

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