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Craftsmanship at Nosakhari – Inspired by the Djembe Drum

West Africa’s iconic Djembe drum is the inspiration behind our latest offering: The Djembe Bag. The legacy of the Djembe is one that mirrors human creativity, adaptation perseverance and survival. A symbol of communication and hope, Nosakhari interprets its enduring power with its skilled yet minimalist approach to design. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and intricate detailing, the Nosakhari Djembe bag modernizes this ancient instrument, a drum carved from a single tree trunk, headed with stretched goat skin.

Nosakhare Osadolor, Nosakhari London’s founder and creative director, says of the collection:  “Originally intended only for communication, the Djembe drum was the iPhone of its time and today it has evolved to serve as a celebratory symbol for many. Amid such historically pivotal times, in which civilisation is divided by ideologies and war, we wanted to create something that resonates a peaceful message.”

Perhaps one of the brand’s most poetically unique pieces to date, the Djembe bag is a testament to the excellence of craft Nosakhari has been able to achieve since its inception. The Djembe Bag will be available online from mid-September.

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