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Behind the scenes with Diana Olifirova creating her mesmerising film, “INTRANCE.”

Diana Olifirova stands as a lifelong cinematographer and visual artist, a creator who wields light and movement to craft compelling visual narratives. Having earned acclaim through a BAFTA Breakthrough with the remarkable television series “Heartstopper,” Diana’s artistry is a testament to her commitment to meaningful storytelling.

Drawing inspiration from life’s intricate tapestry and bolstered by a tight-knit community of fellow cinematographers, Diana infuses her projects with a palpable energy. Her work not only showcases her technical finesse but also resonates deeply with the spectrum of human emotions.

Diana’s approach is holistic. She masterfully aligns camera movements with action, space, and rhythm, making each frame an immersive experience. Her fascination with light, people, art, movement, and real-life fuels her open, bold, observant, and enthusiastic approach to her craft, rendering each frame an exhilarating piece of visual poetry.

“Intrance,” a mesmerising project, and partly developed amidst the war outbreak in her home country Ukraine, starring Diana Olifirova herself, stands as a testimony to her sincerity, and a tribute to her ever-evolving craft. The project encapsulates the essence of identity, change, and exploration. Through dance and movement, Diana channels her thoughts, collaborating with a choreographer and a composer to imbue her work with the soul of sound and motion. The challenging circumstances under which “Intrance” was partly created, highlights Diana’s dedication and ability to find inspiration and continue her artistic journey even in difficult times. This project stands as a beacon of her artistry’s recognition – winning the Open Call for Short Films at the Nosakhari Film Festival during London Fashion Week.

Diana Olifirova’s lens and artistic vantage point are truly a brushstroke, painting stories that capture the essence of existence. With a philosophy rooted in authenticity and an unquenchable thirst for creative exploration, she continues to illuminate the unspoken, connect the disconnected, and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Credits for “INTRANCE”

A film by and starring: Diana Olifirova, Music: E.M.M.A,
Eugene Feygelson and Karel van Bellingen, Edit: Karel van Bellingen,
Dance: Anatolii Sachivko, Art: Simon Walker,
Costume: Jovana Gospavic, Grade: Joseph Bicknell

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