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Able-graphy* Exhibition – Opening Night

Able-Graphy* | @londonfashionweek – Massive thank you to the team and everyone who helped make Able-Graphy* happen. Curated by Tejumola Butler Adenuga & Daphne Stamouli Simoncioni.

Able-Graphy* explores how a single object, the iconic leather handle of the Nosakhari Able bag, can become a canvas for myriad stories and emotions. The ABLE bag served as a canvas for artists to explore and express a multitude of narratives and emotions, transcending the conventional boundaries of fashion.

Featuring works by;

Annick L Petersen [@alp_design] * Aulia Arindani [@arindani.aulia] * Chris Daniels [@chris_daniels_art] * Daphne Stamouli Simoncioni [@daphne_simoncioni_art] * Eleanor Meredith [@eleanormeredith] * Eleni Maragaki Gabrielle Oke [@eleni__maragaki] * George Metu-Onyeka [@georgemetu] * Georgia Semple [@georgiasemple] * Jack Dickson [@jackdicksonart] * James Williamson [@jwastudiowork]  * Joke Amusan [@ibijoke.img] * Jordan Fox [@fivebyjordanfox] * Joshua Donkor Kay Gasei [@joshuadonkorart] * Liam Small [@liambryantsmall] * Lonewolf [@cry0kami] * Louise Ockenden [@louise_ockenden] * Mark Oliver [@markoliverartist] * Matthew Dardart [@mattymatman] * Natasha Muluswela [@npariss]* Ollie White [@olllie_w] * Osaru Obaseki Rosa del Rosario [@_osaruobaseki]* Sophie Ambelas [@by.sophieambelas] * Tejumola Butler Adenuga [@butlerarchive] * Yeshé Magar [@sunkotara] * Yujin Son [@art_yujin]

Curated culinary experience by ; by Griot Kitchen (@griot) founded by Hazaud Regis Gnaly and Ivan Kilama. They are on a mission to share the untold stories of African food through the versatility of plantains, adding a unique and cultural flavor to the opening that complemented the artistic and innovative spirit of the exhibition.

Music by; DJ RIETTA

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