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Art As Comedy – George McCallum | CYD #3

George’s three-dimensional work is in many ways an extension of his work with comics. Beginning with a chest of drawers made to look like a human chest for his final degree show, he has exploited the comic potential of language in witty projects that most people wouldn’t pursue beyond a cursory noting of the potential for wordplay.

For George, taking it one step further to bring the ridiculous to reality is part of the fun. From his chair shaped like Chairman Mao to the man-sized kennel he’s working on so boyfriends will have a place to go when they are literally “in the doghouse”, humour is key to his work. Making novelty furniture out of bad puns might not sound like the strongest premise on which to build a career, but through his humor George is making art more accessible and approachable. It’s no wonder his comic art has been featured in advertising – nothing stays with us as much as a good joke with the perfect visual.

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