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Sharing stories of passionate creatives to inspire
creative aspirants around the world


Playing with Process – Davide La | CYD #13 – Nosakhari

Sculptor Davide La has always been fascinated with playing around with materials. As a child, he would take apart appliances with fascination just to see what was inside, and now much of his work involves the opposite – the fusion of materials and shapes in wo... Read More


Freedom through Art – Henry Boon | CYD#10

Henry Boon has always felt that art is in his blood. Growing up in an artistic family – his mother is a painter and his father is a graphic designer – he started drawing “as soon as I could pick up a pencil”, tracing and copying cartoon and computer game chara... Read More


Is Art More Than A Career? – Anmar Mirza | CYD #9

If success is considered as the trajectory of an individual’s ability to make money – as it so often is – then Anmar Mirza’s creative story so far would hardly inspire admiration. From the kid who doodled in the back of maths classes to the art student who got... Read More


More Than Skin Deep – Owen Meredith | CYD #8

Apprentice tattoo-artist Owen Meredith doesn’t envision an end goal for his artistic development. His story so far has been measured in milestones: from getting his first tattoo to enrolling as an apprentice artist; from experimenting on himself (and working t... Read More